SOFORT Banking (we hope to offer this payment option in the future)

The new and fast payment method!

SOFORT Banking is a new and TÜV-certified online payment system based on the well known PIN/TAN homebanking platform for secure and fast processing of your online purchases.

Sofortbanking approved by TÜV

This is how SOFORT Banking works

Follow 3 simple steps

Step 1."Transfer form"
Enter your banking details during the webshop checkout process. You will now be redirected to the payment gateway where you will see the following details already filled in:

  • - Recipient
  • - Reference (Order number)
  • - Amount

Step 2."Identification"
Please enter the following as you usual do for online banking:

  • - Account name to login at your bank (Directbanking number or Account number)
  • - PIN code, which you use for your own bank

Step 3."Checking the payment"
Please check all details for the bank transfer.

To confirm the payment please enter your PIN or TAN code and click on the confirmation button. After that you will be redirected to the snus4all website.

Your advantages with SOFORT Banking

Since your payment is processed immediately, we can deliver your order straight away.

After completion of the snus4all checkout process, you can pay your order in a few simple steps.

The details for your payment like Recipient, Reference and Amount are already filled in.

Secure as Online-Banking
The system can only work with your secure PIN / TAN transaction code. No account or payment details are stored after the process.

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